Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Patricia Tomes, Rails-To-Trails Conservancy

Patricia Tomes, Rails-To-Trails Conservancy, said recreation facilities like rails-to-trails projects have real economic value to their communities.
"The Oil Heritage Region in Northwest Pennsylvania realizes an economic impact of more than $4 million per year from rails-to-trails," said Tomes. "Our recent survey of the Pine Creek Rail Rail in Northcentral Pennsylvania, indicates the valley enjoys an estimated $5 million in additional revenue from rail users. Current surveys of the Great Allegheny Passage indicate the economic impact for that region could be as much as $20 million per year."
Other speakers at the event include:
Marci Mowery, PA Parks and Forests Foundation
Professor Andy Mowen, Penn State University
Curt Ashenfelter, Keystone Trails Association
Judith Schwank, 10,000 Friends of PA
Cynthia Carrow, Western PA Conservancy
Donna Morelli, Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay
Robert Griffith, PA Recreation and Parks Society
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